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Water is Life

Water Is Life

Let your child go thirsty or give them dirty water – which would you choose?

Dirty water is silently killing people all over the world. By the time you finish reading this page another four children will have died because of diseases caught from filthy water.

You can help change this. You can give to SCIAF's Water is Life appeal

Gemo Muni from Ethiopia had to make that choice every day. She had to get up at 4am and walk for seven hours to collect water for her family. Gemo had to go through all this knowing that the water she collected wasn’t safe to drink. The well was also used by monkeys as a toilet, full of dirt and diseases that she knew could make her children sick, but she didn’t have a choice.

“The water in the well was not clean. Monkeys use the well as a toilet so their waste was in the water and we were drinking it, our children were
getting sick because of the dirty water”

No mother should have to choose between letting her child thirst or giving them water so filthy it could kill them.
Please click here to make a donation and prevent it from happening.

See the difference clean water makes
to Gemo and her family.

How your donations helped Gemo

Thanks to you, we helped the people in Gemo’s village to build a brand new well. It supplies safe, clean water and is only a short walk away from her home. She can collect all the water she needs to make sure her children grow up healthy without having to worry about the dirt or diseases that might make them sick or kill them.

“Now we drink clean water. The water is free from dirt and worms it has no bad smell and tastes good. I’m happy to give the water to my children.”

Gemo’s children don’t have to drink dirty water any more, but there are many more who still need our help.

Every penny from the Water is Life appeal will go straight to SCIAF projects which help families get clean water. Please donate today.


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