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Daily life is difficult enough for people living in developing countries. Natural disasters and conflict can rip away what little security they feel. Millions of people can be left hungry, homeless and in desperate need.

When disaster strikes, SCIAF moves quickly to respond through the Caritas network and our trusted local partners to help people who have been affected. We make a commitment to help communities back on to their feet, staying for the long term and aiding their recovery through development.

TIt is vitally important for aid agencies like SCIAF to give feedback on the huge difference donations make. The £1.1 million donated to SCIAF’s emergency drought appeal helped 183,000 people across Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea and South Sudan.

The money raised during emergencies can help fund emergency cash payments, food and water to the most vulnerable, cash for work for the able-bodied to build up community resources like better wells, and replacing lost livestock and distributing drought-resistant seeds to poor farmers to increase their resilience in the future.


The Horn and East of Africa during 2011

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Rebuilding Haiti after 2010

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