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Stories of Africa

Mara MenziesPlease join us at Garnethill Multicultural Centre to hear stories of Africa, told by Mara Menzies.

As part of this year's Lentfest line-up we're delighted to have teamed up with internationally renowned storyteller Mara Menzies to bring you stories of Africa.

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Scottish Bishops back the WEE BOX

Bishop Joseph Toal 004Archbishops Philip Tartaglia and Leo Cushley together with Bishops Joe Toal and John Keenan have urged Catholics across Scotland to support this year’s WEE BOX Lent appeal.

They will join thousands of supporters in parishes, schools and homes across the country who put their change in a WEE BOX to raise vital funds for our life-changing work with families affected by hunger, poverty, war and natural disasters.

Bishop John Keenan 104

This year our appeal tells the story of how we're helping families in Zambia to overcome the challenges of hunger and poverty, made worse by climate change, so they can grow the food they need and build a more secure future for themselves.

Archbishop Leo Cushley 101 Archbishop Philip Tartaglia 104

Our Bishop-President Joseph Toal said: “SCIAF’s work is a great example of how we can all help people in some of the poorest countries in the world to improve their lives. Something as simple as putting your spare change in your WEE BOX this Lent means families in countries like Zambia will get help to grow enough food to eat, earn an income and have hope for a better future. I urge everyone to support our WEE BOX appeal this Lent.”

To support our appeal you can pick up a WEE BOX at your local parish or order one online today.


South Sudan Declares Famine

South Sudan Famine

South Sudan, the world’s newest country has declared a famine as years of conflict and drought bring the country to its knees. Many thousands of families have been displaced by fighting and farmers haven’t been able to harvest their crops, giving rise to very high food prices and pushing people deeper into poverty.

According to the UN nearly five million people urgently need food assistance, with the number set to rise to a staggering 5.5 million unless a rapid and co-ordinated international effort is put in place.

While South Sudan is the first to nation to announce famine, many people in Yemen, Somalia and north Nigeria have also been ravaged by years of war and food shortages, leaving them on the brink of disaster.

As these countries make headlines, sadly for the wrong reasons, we have a real opportunity to step up to the plate and show compassion through action to ensure that the plight of people undergoing such unimaginable suffering is not forgotten.

We have been helping hunger stricken communities in South Sudan by providing food, water, and shelter. Click here to make a donation and support more of this crucial work.


The Time is Right for Our Clean Energy Future

David with Solar Panels SmallAs we embark on a new year, it is important to remember our rapidly changing climate and the devastating effect this is having on the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.

Scotland has a golden opportunity to lead the world in clean energy. The percentage of Scotland’s renewable electricity production is at an all-time high, with Scotland meeting nearly 60% of its electricity needs from clean sources such as wind, water and solar power.

The Scottish Government has published a new Climate Change Plan and Energy Strategy laying out policies to meet its climate targets and future energy demand. Yet, oil and gas still supply the majority of the energy we use in Scotland today. Reducing the use of fossil fuels in high-polluting sectors, such as transport, is key to building a low-carbon future for our country.

In a new report, Powering Our Common Home SCIAF calls on the Scottish Government to phase out fossil fuels from Scotland’s energy mix and dramatically increase our use of clean energy. It urges the Government to take stock of the damage caused by fossil fuels and invest considerably more in clean energy. With already more fossil fuels than we can afford to burn, the report also outlines concerns about proposals for fracking in Scotland.

We work in 15 countries with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities as they struggle with daily hardships brought on by climate change. Repeatedly they tell us how much harder it is becoming to survive and provide for themselves because of the changing climate, which is leading to erratic weather, failed harvests, increased natural disasters and mass migration.

We must accept that fossil fuels are not a responsible or sustainable way of providing the energy we need in Scotland, or globally. We must start valuing people’s health and wellbeing, and those of the planet, over short-term economic gains. We also need to recognise the opportunities clean energy presents and the investment it deserves.

You can add your voice to our campaign by asking your MSP to support the move to clean energy. 


A Glimmer of Hope Amongst the Chaos of War

AntoineSix years after the start of the bloody conflict in Syria, over 250,000 people have been killed, 4.9 million people have fled for their lives into neighbouring countries including Lebanon and Jordon, while a further 6.5 million have run from their homes but remain in Syria. Millions of people are facing severe shortages of food, water, medicine and shelter this Christmas.

73 year old Antoine is a widower living in Aleppo. He is extremely poor and lives alone. Through the support of Scottish donors, SCIAF is providing him with essential supplies of food and water.

He said: “Before receiving help I had no water in my house and very little money to buy food, I was really struggling and needed to ask my neighbours for help every day.

“Thanks to the support, I now have free access to water near my house, and receive a food basket helping me to reach the end of the month. But this help has given me more than just food and water. It has given me new hope in every day life. I’m not quite sure how I would have been able to survive the year without it.”

When asked what message he would like to give supporters back in Scotland, he said: “Please pray for us and for Aleppo and speak every day about Syria in your country. Please don’t let the world forget about us”

With your donations we can help more people like Antoine, and show them the world has not forgotten about the people of Aleppo. Please give a gift to our Syria appeal today.

Donate Syria




Safe Access to Clean Water - the Difference between Life and Death in Syria

MauriceWe've launched an emergency Christmas Appeal to raise much needed money to help thousands of desperately poor Syrians whose lives have been torn apart by war.

Providing help for Maurice and his two sons from Aleppo are one of the ways in which we are supporting families affected by the brutal war in Syria. Before, the family had no running water and were only able to buy a few bottles of water to drink, with nothing to cook or wash with.

Thanks to the support they now receive, provisions were made to enable the family to collect water from a nearby well and store it for the week. The family also received large water tanks to be installed on the roof of the housing block to collect rain water. Speaking about the help Abdalla and his family have received, he said: “Without water, I think sooner or later we would have had to leave Aleppo but I really don’t know how and where.

“We are really full of gratitude for the help we have received. It’s so impressive that people from a country so far away (in Scotland) are thinking about us. Please pray for us and for peace.”

To allow us to continue this life saving work please donate to our Christmas Appeal for Syria.

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