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A Glimmer of Hope Amongst the Chaos of War

AntoineSix years after the start of the bloody conflict in Syria, over 250,000 people have been killed, 4.9 million people have fled for their lives into neighbouring countries including Lebanon and Jordon, while a further 6.5 million have run from their homes but remain in Syria. Millions of people are facing severe shortages of food, water, medicine and shelter this Christmas.

73 year old Antoine is a widower living in Aleppo. He is extremely poor and lives alone. Through the support of Scottish donors, SCIAF is providing him with essential supplies of food and water.

He said: “Before receiving help I had no water in my house and very little money to buy food, I was really struggling and needed to ask my neighbours for help every day.

“Thanks to the support, I now have free access to water near my house, and receive a food basket helping me to reach the end of the month. But this help has given me more than just food and water. It has given me new hope in every day life. I’m not quite sure how I would have been able to survive the year without it.”

When asked what message he would like to give supporters back in Scotland, he said: “Please pray for us and for Aleppo and speak every day about Syria in your country. Please don’t let the world forget about us”

With your donations we can help more people like Antoine, and show them the world has not forgotten about the people of Aleppo. Please give a gift to our Syria appeal today.

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