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Colombia in Mourning


Caritas Colombia Pic 1Colombia is in mourning following Saturday’s deadly landslide which claimed the lives of 290 people.

Heavy rainfall triggered flash floods and landslides which tore through the southern city of Mocoa, devastating everything in their path.

Whole neighbourhoods have been swept away, or simply erased; now buried under several feet of mud.

Rescuers are working tirelessly, digging through rock, mud and rubble in the hope of finding those who are still missing. More than 300 people are still unaccounted for since the disaster.

2,700 residents made homeless by the landslide are living in temporary shelters, having lost everything. Water and electricity supplies in the city have been crippled so the situation is desperate even for those whose homes are still standing.

The Colombian government and the Church are responding to the crisis, working with the community to coordinate the rescue and rebuilding efforts. Our sister agency Caritas Colombia are working on the ground too, distributing emergency food and water. Local parishes are also providing basic goods to those in need.

We’re pledging £10,000 to Caritas Colombia which will help reach more people and provide the food and water they so desperately need.

Please keep our Colombian sisters and brothers in your prayers at this time.

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