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Notre Dame Primary pupils put their best foot forward

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Primary seven pupils from Notre Dame Primary School got dressed for bed in a special sponsored event to raise money for the WEE BOX.

Dressed in their pyjamas and topped with a crazy hair do of their choice, sixty two pupils accompanied by teachers, SCIAF staff and parents ran through Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens to raise vital funds this year's appeal.

The Glasgow school has been raising essential money for the WEE BOX appeal for ten years now and the fantastic fundraisers have raised almost £23,000 over that time.

The annual run in pyjamas is one of the highlights of the P7 year and is the event all the children look forward to each year. This year over £600 was raised for the event and that amount will be added to their final donation to the WEE BOX just after Lent.

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Everyone at Notre Dame has done an amazing job, not only in raising a fantastic amount of money but by showing real enthusiasm and creativity in their fundraising. We’re extremely grateful for their support and on behalf of our sisters and brothers overseas we want to thank all the pupils, staff and parents at Notre Dame for their fantastic effort.


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