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Taking Care of Business

TakingCareOfBusinessThe impact of big business on people living in poverty


We've launched our latest report into the impact of big business on people living in poverty. You can download your copy here.

This year we've been asking the Scottish public to put people before profits and ask their new MEPs to consider how the actions of business can affect the most vulnerable communities.

Unfair rules and corporate secrecy are allowing big business to dodge their taxes, damage the planet and push people off their land. In some places, like Colombia, business is even fuelling conflict and violence.

For the world’s poorest people this means increasing hunger, poverty and suffering. A shift is urgently needed away from the interests of business towards the needs of people living in poverty and the common good.

You can make justice your business by using our quick online form to tell Scotland's MEPs you want them to put people before profit. Take today action to stop business behaving badly.




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