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Photos by Thomas Omondi


Please help sow the seeds of hope this Lent

David Munyindeyi, his wife, Maté and their four children are on our WEE BOX this year. 

When we first met David and his wife Maté, their harvest lasted for just four months a year. The couple tried their best to give their four children two meals a day by doing odd jobs in exchange for food. Despite this, money was always a problem and the family often went hungry.

Thanks to people like you right here in Scotland, he was able to join a SCIAF project in his village where he received the seeds, tools and training so that he could grow enough food for his family.

DSC 9448

David and Maté have learned  new ways of farming and now their children have plenty of healthy, home grown food to eat. This year, instead of doing odd jobs for food, they sold some of their vegetables to their neighbours and used the money to buy solar panels. For
the very first time, the family have an electric light in their home.

David wanted us to share his message of thanks, “We’re very, very grateful to the people of Scotland for the support they’ve given us. We hope you can continue supporting us so that we can keep improving our lives by getting more knowledge and sharing it."

This year, please support the WEE BOX and sow the seeds of hope for more young families like David's.





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