Give the gift of clean water

You buy

the Real Gift of a water filter.

Fresh Water

A family

in Ethiopia receives the filter.

A loved one

receives a beautiful gift card.

Each water filter is a lifeline for a poor family.

RG Water Filter 2

A water filter provides a whole family with a sustainable source of clean water. It works by allowing water to flow through the filter, which traps dirt, viruses and bacteria in ceramic disks to provide a long-term solution for clean water.

Each filter is guaranteed for 20 years and can filter over 700,000 litres water, providing a source of clean water for a family for years to come. 

Mallicha filter testimonial

In just two months my children were feeling, and looking, so much better and have not needed any medication in the last two years. The water filter has been life changing.

Mallicha, Ethiopia