Hurricane Appeal

Picking up the pieces after the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

Homes and livelihoods were destroyed, and families who were already living in poverty lost what little they had when Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean. With no food, clean water or even basic shelter many families are extremely vulnerable.

Donations to our Hurricane Appeal are already helping us to get help to people in Haiti including clean drinking water and soap and other personal hygiene items to vulnerable families. We’re also raising awareness of how to prevent diseases such as cholera and malaria, and providing seeds to families whose crops have been destroyed.

Hurricane Irma has devastated the lives of the poor, and wreaked havoc on some of the more wealthy islands in the region. While some islands have the money and resources to cope in the aftermath, we're asking you to reach out to our sisters and brothers in countries such as Haiti who are relying on us in their time of need.

Please keep everyone affected by Hurricane Irma in your thoughts and prayers.