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Poverty and violence plague El Salvador.

A 12 year civil war cost the lives of around 75,000 people and left deep psychological, emotional and physical scars on its people. Today, much of the population continues to live in fear as extreme gang violence has left this small Central American country with one of the highest murder rates in the world.

Amidst the violence and overshadowed by the legacy of war, the rights and aspirations of people with disabilities are largely ignored – and escaping a life of poverty is almost impossible.

We’re helping people with disabilities, including many severely injured during the war, to fight for their rights, lift themselves out of poverty and become champions in their communities.

Our work with CESTA includes bringing people with a disability together to form local disability associations. We offer training to members of the associations so they know their legal rights and provide small loans and grants, as well as tools, seeds and livestock, to help them set up and run their own businesses.


We're provide training to local disability associations to help people fight for their rights.

Loans and grants

We're providing small loans and grants to help people setup and run their own small business.

Seeds and tools

We're giving seeds, tools and livestock to help people become self sufficient.

Everyone wants someone to share their life with. Emotionally I am very happy

Vidal Castillo, El Salvador