Emergency Response Fund

Donations from Scotland saved lives when the Nepal earthquake struck, Syrian refugees fled their homes and typhoon Haiyan  devastated the lives of thousands of people in the Philippines.

But there are many emergency situations around the world that we don’t hear about in the media.

  • Sri Lankan landslides – 48,998 families displaced from their homes
  • Civil war in the Central African Republic – hundreds of clinics and schools completely destroyed
  • Flooding in the south of India – three million people cut off from basic services

We hear directly from priests, parishes and our local Church partners as these disasters are happening, in real time. We don’t wait for the news coverage that often never comes... As soon as we hear there is an immediate need, we respond.

We can only do this because of donations from people like you. 

We can give vital food, water, shelter, and medical care in emergency situations because of donations made to our emergency response fund.

When you give to our Emergency Response Fund you'll be providing life saving help the next time disaster strikes.