Summer Appeal

Right now in India thousands of children are being bought and sold -  forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions, often violently beaten or sexually abused.

Human traffickers deceive poor families into believing if the child goes with them they’ll have a better future. Sadly, the traffickers are often known to the child and their family, so they trust them and don’t realise the danger they’re in until it’s too late.

We’ve started  working closely with Caritas India and others to stop this disgusting trade.

Leeza from Caritas India

Our partners from Caritas India told us about some of the ways support from  Scotland is already helping.

It’s crucial to go out into communities to explain the realities of what will happen to their children. We have a leaflet campaign, with an emergency number to phone for advice. We’ll offer vocational training to youths so they’re less vulnerable to trafficking. Our programme will include advocacy, targeting the government so they do more to prevent child trafficking.

Leeza from Caritas India

Our new project will: 

  • Raise awareness of trafficking in poor communities so more children are protected
  • Support poor families to make a living so their children are less vulnerable
  • Set up interception booths on the border between India and Nepal
  • Circulate the emergency free phone number so more children can call for help
  • Identify and help rescue trafficked children
  • Target government policy so more is done to prosecute traffickers

Our work with Caritas India is just one of the many projects across the world your donations help to support.