Cyclone Idai Appeal

We urgently need your help.

Please help the survivors of the devastating cyclone and floods that have hit Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

To date an estimated 750 people have died and hundreds of thousands are homeless across the three countries, following what the UN has called the worst weather-related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere.

In Malawi alone, their government says more nearly a million people are in need of urgent humanitarian aid like emergency shelter, clean water and medical supplies.

Our sisters and brothers desperately need our help. It’s vital that we get food, water and shelter to survivors as quickly as possible.

We’ve already sent £50,000 to provide immediate aid to our partners helping people on the ground in Malawi, yet so much more is needed. We’re in contact with our partners across the region to establish what more we can do to help.

Please give what you can today. With your help we can provide support to those who’ve lost everything. Your donation will not only get immediate help to those in desperate need, but will help them recover in the long term.