Ebola Appeal

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a terrifying Ebola outbreak has already claimed 1,600 lives.

The situation is getting worse as the virus spreads and new cases are reported.

 On the 17th of July the World Health Organisation declared the Ebola outbreak a global health emergency.

Your help will bring vital support to the affected areas and help prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

 Ebola is a severe acute viral illness. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, vomiting, impaired kidney and liver function and in some cases, both internal and external bleeding.

Those unfortunate enough to contract Ebola face a traumatic ordeal and, in the DRC where medical assistance is limited, most people will die from the infection.

The outbreak is currently concentrated in the east of the country, which has been plagued by decades of violence and civil unrest. Amidst this chaos, panic can spread faster than the virus itself.

While a vaccination programme is in place, widespread distrust of healthcare workers is making it much harder to provide treatment and contain the outbreak. 

As part of Caritas, a global network of Catholic charities, our local partners are already working to contain the disease and support those most in need.

Your donation will allow those efforts to continue and help families affected by Ebola.