Lebanon Crisis Appeal

When the blast hit Beirut last week, more than 200 people were killed in the tragedy. In the aftermath of the disaster, medical services have been overrun, the government has collapsed, and starvation and the coronavirus are spreading rapidly among the poorest.



instantly became homeless



people have been left wounded


is spreading through the country

Even before the catastrophe, Lebanon was a country in crisis. Having survived decades of conflict, they then faced the fallout from the Syrian war and welcomed 1.5 million refugees who are now 30% of the population. The dramatic increase in population has stretched schools, medical services and social care programmes to breaking point. With these vital services unable to cope, it's the poorest who suffer most.

The Lebanese economy is in freefall and the destruction of Beirut’s shipping port is disastrous as the country imports an overwhelming majority of its food. There are already major food shortages, and the UN has warned Lebanon will run out of bread in two weeks’ time. 

All this at the time the coronavirus is spreading through the country.

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