Act for our future

The Scottish Government wants to know your views on a new Climate Change Act. 

For the sake of our sisters and brothers around the world who are already feeling the devastating effects of climate change, we need to make sure the Act commits Scotland to drastically cutting our greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Ricardo Navarro (pictures below) runs a SCIAF-supported charity in El Salvador. He asked us to urge people in Scotland to act.

In El Salvador, climate change is literally killing people. Richer countries like Scotland should drastically cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Ricardo Navarro

Dr Ricardo Navarro

Take action now  

Email the Scottish Government and ask the First Minister to make the Climate Change Act as strong as it can be. 

Click here to send your message.

When you complete our campaign action it will be treated as a response to the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Bill consultation and we’ll pass your details onto the Scottish Government.

If you would like to respond on behalf of an organisation you can do this via the Scottish Government’s website.