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  • Promising Practices 1

    Improving food security through sustainable agricultural practices: lessons learned from Zambia.

    Download Promising Practices One (PDF, 4.23 MB)
  • Promising Practices 2

    Addressing the problems of sexual and gender-based violence in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

    Download Promising Practices Two (PDF, 2.85 MB)
  • Promising Practices 3

    Diversifying livelihoods for smallholder farmers.

    Download Promising Practices Three (PDF, 2.72 MB)
  • Scotland's New Climate Change Bill

    Climate change is destroying lives. Through the new Climate Bill, the Scottish Government has an opportunity to ensure Scotland does its fair share to protect our common home. SCIAF’s new paper sets out what we think must be included in the new Bill.

    Download Scotland's New Climate Change Bill (PDF, 1.04 MB)
  • Powering our common home

    We all need heat, electricity and fuel in our daily lives but often the types of energy we use cause harm to our planet and our fellow sisters and brothers. Our report sets out the path to a just energy system.

    Download Powering our common home (PDF, 1000 KB)