In your community

There are so many great ways to unite with your friends, school or parish, and help end poverty.

Car wash

Drivers love a nice clean car so this is a great opportunity to fundraise. Lots of water, bubbles, sponges and elbow grease required!

Car Wash

Getting Married?

Congratulations! Why not make a donation to SCIAF and we’ll supply you with wedding favours. We can provide personalised cards as a meaningful keepsake of your special day. Please get in touch arrange your wedding favours. 

Football tournament

Use local pitches and get together at least six teams of five people who enjoy a kick around. Donations from each team will help raise funds for those in need.

Football Fundraiser

Quiz night

Hold a quiz in your parish, school or office. By asking teams for a small donation to take part you can make a difference to people living in poverty!

Film night

Pick a real crowd pleaser and get everyone together in your home. Get in the popcorn, nachos and Fairtrade ice cream.