Meet the Lang family

Help families like the Langs stand up for their rights and protect what’s theirs.

This Lent, we’re focusing our attention on the country of Cambodia and the thousands of families that, with your support, are being helped to stand up for their rights and work their way out of poverty.


The livelihoods of many Cambodians are under threat from illegal fishing in their waters. Dynamite and electrocution have been used by criminal gangs to kill and capture fish, leading to a drastic reduction in stock in some areas. Working with our local partner, Development and Partnership in Action (DPA), we’re helping vulnerable communities in Stung Treng province to stand up for their rights and protect their waters and forests from the threat of illegal fishing, logging and corporate land-grabs. For the poorest, we’re also providing seeds and farming tools so they can grow more food, and helping to provide better access to clean water for villages and schools, to help reduce disease.

The Lang family depend on fishing and farming to survive. They were badly affected by illegal fishing by criminal gangs, resulting in a 50% drop in fish stocks. As a result, they found it much harder to catch enough fish to feed the family. With help from SCIAF and DPA the Langs became members of a Community Fishing Association, which works with police and the local authorities to organinse regular fishing patrols to prevent illegal fishing. 

Lang told us, “We get more fish now. Before, people used to dynamite the fish. I saw for myself the people making dynamite explosions in the river. I saw the fish die and float to the top. When I saw it I was really angry as I felt helpless because I wasn’t able to stop them.”

“Now we can use the money to pay for school fees, uniforms and clothes for the family. We want to say thank you to the people of Scotland who have provided this support for us.”