Building a better future in Cambodia

When Toum Sophea's husband left her, it was up to her to provide for their four children alone. Living in a remote village in Stung Treng, one of Cambodia’s poorest provinces, she suddenly found herself with difficult physical task for farming and clearing the fields to earn an income. She struggled to feed her children and could not afford to send them to school.

With support from SCIAF’s partner DPA, she received training in growing vegetables and received vegetable seeds, and a water filter so they can drink clean water. She also joined a local savings and loans group set up by DPA, which in time will provide small loans for the members.

Toum explains the difference DPA’s support has made,

Our situation is much better than before. Now I grow more and have food for the house and also enough to sell. I can earn money and send my children to school. We also have better health.

Thanks to the Scottish people for giving money to support our community.  I would urge you to continue this support to help people in remote rural areas.

Toum Sophea 2

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