Celebrating International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's day we're sharing the story of Pheor Kamphat, an inspirational woman from Cambodia.

Pheor is 55 and lives in Stung Treng province, with her husband and three children.

With help from SCIAF’s partner DPA, she has been able to expand her home garden and sell what she grows, supporting the whole family. She received training in sustainable farming techniques, including a drip irrigation system to water her crops. She now grows cabbage, morning glory and long beans.

Pheor Kamphat

“Before I got drop irrigation I only grew food for home consumption and now I’m able to grow more and on a bigger piece of land. I can now sell my produce to other villagers. 

With the additional income, Phoer has also been able to purchase and keep piglets,

“Before I couldn’t afford to have piglets but now I grow more and sell vegetables. I have been able to buy piglets. Initially I bought one and I let it grow until it gave birth to nine piglets. When they grow to 50kg I will sell them for 600,000 ($150).

“With the profit I want to expand so I can get more pigs and increase my income.”

Phoer had the following message for the people of Scotland,

I’d like to express my thanks and deep appreciation for the help you have given to poor people like us and say that it has really helped us. Our families have experienced difficult times and you have helped to raise us up.

This year the UK government is matching, pound-for-pound, all donations given to our WEE BOX appeal by 8th May. You can help more women like Pheor by making your donation now.

Pheor Kamphat.