Bishops' last call to double WEE BOX donations

Bishops across Scotland are urging our supporters to get their WEE BOX Lent appeal donations to SCIAF before 8th May to make sure they don’t miss out on the chance to double their money.

Every year our supporters in schools, parishes and in local communities are always incredibly generous – raising money by putting spare coins in our WEE BOXES or organising events – and we can’t thank you all enough for your continued support.
However, with only days to go time is running out to get your money to us before May 8th so the UK government can match pound-for-pound every donation you make through its Aid Match scheme. The extra money means your donations go twice as far and we can help many more people in the poorest countries in the world.

SCIAF’s Bishop President Bishop Joseph Toal, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh Leo Cushley, Bishop of Paisley John Keenan, Bishop of Argyll and the Isles Brian McGee, and Bishop of Galloway William Nolan got together to remind supporters of this important deadline.
Bishop Toal said:

SCIAF supporters are amazingly generous. During the WEE BOX Lent appeal thousands of people give their time and money to help the world’s poorest survive and thrive. However, time is running out to have the UK government double your WEE BOX donations so please return your WEE BOX to us before the 8th May deadline.

Archbishop Cushley said he’s inspired by Scotland’s passion for helping the world’s poorest people.

Every year I am amazed by the incredible enthusiasm and dedication shown to SCIAF during our WEE BOX Lenten appeal, and people’s desire to help the world’s poorest never fails to inspire me. Please don’t miss your chance to get your WEE BOX donations doubled by the UK government.

Bishop Keenan said, as Catholics, “helping the poor isn’t an option – it’s part of our faith”.

“It is a wonderful thing that the Church, through SCIAF, is a catalyst to mobilise the whole of Scotland to help the poorest of our brothers and sisters in the world. I urge you all to get your WEE BOX to SCIAF before the 8th May to make sure the money you give will be doubled, pound-for-pound, by the UK government.

This year all donations given to the WEE BOX appeal before the 8th May will be doubled, pound-for-pound, by the UK Government so as many as 20,000 Cambodians affected by poverty, illegal fishing and land-grabbing can be helped. So you can make an online donation right now.