Priest says give running a go at our 6K Family Fun Run

Running priest Fr John McGrath of St Aloysius, Springburn is urging Scottish Catholics to join him for the SCIAF 6K fun run at Strathclyde Park on June 2nd.

The pacey padre took up running about five years ago and hasn’t looked back – “If you haven’t done running before this is a great chance to try it out and maybe get into it,” he said.

The priest has taken to the tarmac like a duck to water and has since done two half marathons.

"I’ve found it a really good thing – not just for fitness but also just to clear the head,” he said. “There’s a real holistic benefit.”

One of which, he suggests, is the restorative power of good chinwag.
“It was a friend of mine, Frank Kennan, who is the deputy head at St Martha’s Primary School, who invited me to go out running with him, in the morning before school,” he said. “And you know it’s amazing the things you can talk about on the way round. I think that’s a really under related benefit – the social aspect of it.”

“I think it could really be a lovely thing if people want to come along to the 6k and give running a try,” he said.

He’s echoing our call for Scots to put their faith into action and share the journey with family, friends, colleagues, fellow parishioners and classmates by signing up for our second fun run at the scenic Strathclyde Country Park in Motherwell on Saturday 2nd June at 11am.

You can sign up for the 2018 SCIAF Fun Run here.