Ricky Ross in plea for tsunami survivors

Deacon Blue singer-song-writer Ricky Ross has urged Scots to dig deep and give what they can to help survivors of the devastating earthquakes and tsunami which hit Indonesia. 

Over 1,600 people are now reported dead, hundreds left injured, 48,000 homeless and over 200,000 in need of emergency aid.

Speaking about the terrible disaster in Indonesia, Ricky Ross said:

It’s heart breaking to see so many people’s lives torn apart in such a brutal way. Can any of us even imagine what it must be like to lose our loved ones, homes and possessions in a few terrifying hours? The pain and suffering must be unbearable.

Now thousands are left traumatised, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, let alone how they’re going to recover. A huge amount of help is needed.

I’d urge everyone to please give what you can to SCIAF’s emergency appeal to get aid to survivors and help them rebuild their lives in the long term. I know some aid is already getting through but much more will be needed in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

The much-loved singer is a great supporter of SCIAF and last year travelled to see our life-changing work helping poor families in Zambia to grow more food so they support themselves and live with dignity.

Last week we launched an Indonesian Earthquakes and Tsunami Appeal and immediately released £20,000 to our sister agency Caritas Indonesia who are now distributing food, water, and non-food items like soap and blankets to families in need in Palu.

It remains hard for people to move from one place to another due to lack of fuel, unpassable roads, and security problems.

While aid is now starting to get through to Palu and other affected areas, many thousands of people remain deeply traumatised, grieving the loss of loved ones, homeless and sleeping in the open, and desperately in need of basic support such as food, clean water, medicine and shelter.

We would urge everyone to please give what you can to help the people of Indonesia get what they need to survive in the days ahead, and rebuild their homes and livelihoods in the months and years ahead.

Please donate now.

Thank you for your generosity!