• Farmer from Malawi brings global climate crisis closer to home.

    Ellen Matupi discusses the climate crisis. The poorest half of humanity are least responsible for the climate change yet are being hit first and worst by a crisis they did little to cause.

  • We cry for climate justice through mass mobilization in Madrid

    Civil society coalition issues rallying cry for Scotland from mass mobilization in Madrid.

  • Christmas Cards

    Get your SCIAF Christmas cards online or pop into the office and pick some up!

  • SCIAF join COP 25

    SCIAF will join thousands of others in Madrid for COP 25 to demand urgent action so that climate justice is delivered for all. 

  • Zambia drought

    Aisling Gallacher opens up about her trip to Southern Africa where the people of Zambia are suffering its worst drought since the 1980s.

  • Ian Dunn gives insight into SCIAF's work

    Laurie from Holyrood Secondary School interviews SCIAF Communications officer Ian Dunn on his recent trip to Malawi.

  • Humanitarian aid for Syria

    Through Scottish Government funding, SCIAF strive to help provide essential aid to 6,000 people in Syria whose lives have been torn apart by war.

  • Technical difficulties

    We are experiencing teething problems with our internet connection.

  • Bringing the world to your classrooms

    Through learning and taking action, our young people have a crucial role to play in creating a brighter future for everyone.

  • Kenneth tells his SCIAF story

    Kenneth Sadler has supported SCIAF as a parish contact for 13 years. He took some time to tell us what being involved in SCIAF's work means to him.

  • Small steps, big changes

    Laura Hamilton examines how your support for some of the poorest people in the world helps them grow more food and earn a living.

  • The Fight for Climate Justice

    We are campaigning for Scotland and the UK to do more to tackle climate change in the name of the poorest and most vulnerable, who have done the least to cause this crisis.