Laudato Si' schools resources

Pope Francis's important encyclical letter, Laudato Si', calls on Catholics across the globe to unite together and care for our common home. To honour its 5th anniversary, Pope Francis invites us all to celebrate Laudato Si' until May 2021.

Below are a number of primary and secondary school resources to enrich your classroom learning about this important encyclical.

Before you get started, you can read the encyclical itself.

1. Laudato Si’ Stations

An interactive resource suitable for secondary pupils to engage with Laudato Si’ by way of prayerful reflection and critical thinking. Across six ‘stations’ pupils will pray, reflect and act on core teaching found in the encyclical. An optional Laudato Si’ review presentation is also provided.

2. Laudato Si’ Animations

These primary and secondary school animations offer a creative and easy to understand introduction to Laudato Si’ and its key points.

3. Laudato Si’ Colouring Sheet

A colouring sheet activity suitable for primary pupils to respond to Pope Francis’ call to action.