Your WEE BOX social media pack

In South Sudan, a generation of children with disabilities are locked out of an education and trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Download our social media pack today to help spread the word of our WEE BOX appeal. Together, we can build a brighter future for children with disabilities in South Sudan.

The pack includes:

  • Social banners. You can change your Facebook or Twitter cover photo to show your support for our appeal online.
  • WEE BOX shareable graphics. Show your support by sharing these images.
  • 4th Sunday graphics. Please share these on the run up to Sunday 14th March.
  • WEE BOX video
  • Reflection video
  • Bishop John video

Top top: to thank people who support your SCIAF fundraisers, search SCIAF wherever you get your gifs and stickers (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, MS Teams, Instagram stories)!


Social banners (ZIP, 742 KB)
SCIAF Sunday graphics (ZIP, 939 KB)
WEE BOX video (ZIP, 611 MB)
Reflection video (ZIP, 426 MB)