Faith & Politics

This Senior Phase TIOF resource will explore how Scripture teaches us to take positive action as a responsible citizen. Learn how voting and civil action is not only a responsibility but an opportunity for change.

SCIAF is part of a global movement of Christians campaigning for a just and green world.  We have an opportunity and responsibility to amplify the voices of the poorest and most marginalised people around the world. Together, we must challenge the unfair systems that keep them in poverty; we must use our collective voice to influence key decision-makers like MPs and MSPs to take action for a fairer world.

Download our resources today

  • Lesson plan: TIOF curriculum references and planning outline with key messages, learning intentions and success criteria.
  • Scripture and Church teaching: both in pdf and mp4 format
  • Christians in politics: pdf
  • SCIAF manifesto: pdf of SCIAF’s 2021 Scottish manifesto six-point plan
  • Video 1: a current politician, Dr. Lisa Cameron, speaking about how her faith influences her job
  • Video 2: calling on Scotland’s political parties to commit to climate justice


Lesson plan (PDF, 388 KB)
Christians in politics (PDF, 283 KB)
SCIAF manifesto (PDF, 567 KB)
Video 1 (MP4, 590 MB)
Video 2 (ZIP, 679 MB)