WEE BOX 2022: Parish resources

This Lent, we’re asking you to act and pray in hope, to fight the Climate Emergency and help build God’s Kingdom here on Earth. Use these prayers and reflections as part of your Lenten worship.

Prayer Resources

Includes bidding prayers, reflections and suggested bulletin entries for Lent 2022. Plus everything you need to join our SCIAF Day of Prayer on Friday 18th March, or set up your own SCIAF prayer service. 

Stations of the Cross

Includes SCIAF Stations of the Cross. Remember to tune into our Facebook page every Friday at 7PM to join us in prayer for a live session of the Stations.

Children's Liturgy

Download our weekly guides to each Lenten Children's Liturgy.


You can view this year's WEE BOX videos via the links below:

Social Media

You can use our social media pack to show your support as a school online. Please remember to tag @SCIAF on Facebook and Twitter@SCIAF_Insta on Instagram. You can also use our hastag - #WEEBOX.


1. Stations of the Cross (ZIP, 19.1 MB)
2. Prayer resources (ZIP, 68.3 MB)
3. Childrens Liturgy (ZIP, 2.29 MB)