Saving a lost generation in Burundi

Around 250,000 people were killed during the civil war in Burundi between 1962 and 1993. As a result, today there are around 680,000 orphans in the country and many others who are living in extreme poverty fuelled by continuing political insecurity. There are few employment opportunities, and access to government services is extremely limited.

Through our partner ONKIDI, we’re working to support orphans and vulnerable children to attend school. We’re also ensuring they receive psycho-social support specialist help, to regain their emotional well-being and recover from the trauma they’ve suffered, and providing access to healthcare services . We’re working to help the children and learn how to nurture and protectlook after their own physical and emotional health.

Additionally, working closely with ONKIDI, we’re supporting foster guardians, parents, and school leavers to learn about their legal rights, increase their opportunities to earn an income by providing small loans, training and mentoring so they can set up businesses through micro-finance loans, creation of savings accounts and credit groups, and financial and business mentoring and support.

We’re also helping the young people and their guardians to understand their rights, giving them a voice and a way to actively seek support when they need it.