Supporting thousands devastated by India floods

We've sent  £30,000 to help families left devastated by the huge floods in Kerala, India.

This money will provide rice, oil, beans and basic household items like soap, toothpaste and buckets to thousands of people left homeless.

More than 350 people have been killed, most in landslides, since the monsoon started in June and 725,000 are now in emergency relief camps, while thousands more are awaiting rescue. 

Experienced staff from our partner Caritas India  are on the ground providing food, water purification tablets and hygiene kits to 20,000 families. They will also be making money available for ‘cash for work’ schemes to pay local people to clear flood debris.

We're in continual contact with Caritas India, working together to help as many people as possible.

Caritas to Kerla

Fr Paul Moonjely, Executive Director of Caritas India told us that while the gaze of the world’s media will move on, Kerala will be living with this tragedy for a long time.

Farmers, daily wage workers and agricultural labourers won't earn anything for the next two to three months. Thousands have no homes to go back to.

There’s need for food, clothes, beds, mosquito nets, medicines, drinking water supplies and temporary shelters. Sanitation and hygiene has been severely compromised and the risk of epidemics is at an all-time high.

After all these needs are met, there is a need for longer term rehabilitation, reconstruction and livelihood support for affected families.

SCIAF and Caritas India are targeting those who are particularly vulnerable such as families that have lost their homes, families with disabled members and women-headed households. 

So far, Kerala has already received 30% more than its annual rainfall and some local people are calling it the ‘flood of the century’.  The rainy season can run to November.

As well as providing immediate assistance we will continue to work with those affected by the floods to help them rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

To help people affected by the devastating floods in India and other emergencies around the world, please donate to our Emergency Response Fund.