Share the Journey

Caritas is calling on communities around the world to walk side by side with migrants and refugees as part of Share the Journey’s Global Solidarity Walk.

By walking together, we can learn more about each other, build friendships and also send a strong message of unity to political leaders.

It’s hoped that across the globe one million kilometres will be walked by individuals and groups with migrants and refugees, or by people walking in solidarity with those who’ve had to leave their homes behind.

Global Walk of Solidarity

We’ve already pledged 1,200 kilometres towards the total following this year’s 6k family fun. In June 200 SCIAF supporters joined us at Strathclyde Country Park to run, raise money to help end poverty, and show solidarity with refugees who’ve fled their homes.

6k group

It will be a fantastic achievement when Caritas reach the one million milestone, and you can help them get there.

You can pledge  kilometres whether you spend time in quiet reflection as you take your usual stroll, or if you organise a walk with friends, family and reach out to migrants and refugee communities to ask them to join you. Caritas have produced great resources to help you plan your walk, and even publicise your event if you'd like to get more people involved.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be a step towards unity and you'll be helping share the journey of migrants and refugees around the world. 

Remember to pledge your kilometres to Caritas  and please let us know about your walk too – we’d love to see how Scotland is contributing to this truly global cause.

Contact Us or tag us on Twitter @sciaf to tell us about your walk.