Surviving the peace

Fierce fighting during the Syrian civil war has devastated the country’s people and left its once great cities lying in ruins.

Over 511,000 lives have been lost.

Now, with the country largely under the control of the Syria Government, the process of recovery must begin.

Rebuilding in Syria

We are urging all parties involved in the conflict, including the UK Government and the wider international community, to move beyond their differences and urgently help civilians to rebuild their lives.

Many Syrians, like Mahmoud Al-Hussan, have suffered unthinkable tragedy.

The 45-year-old, from Jabal Badro in eastern Aleppo, lost his pregnant wife and five children when a mortar struck his home, flattening two stories and leaving him crushed in the rubble.

This was my home but it was destroyed by shells. My wife was pregnant so we stayed here until she gave birth. I was in the market and came home for a nap. My wife wanted to go for a walk but I encouraged her to stay at home. She was upstairs. Then the bomb struck.

The first floor was completely destroyed. I didn’t know what happened. They told me my wife and children died when I was in the hospital. I never saw them. They buried them. My leg was crushed when the building collapsed.

When I heard my wife and children had died I was devastated. I died then, but God revived me. God gives and God takes away.

Having survived the conflict, the overwhelming destruction of vital infrastructure, the economy and millions of homes, innocent civilians are struggling to survive the peace.

Distributing aid - SyriaAid being distributed by Caritas

We are working with local and international partners to help over 44,000 people, providing food, clothes, blankets, medical care, cash, fuel for heating, and help to repair and refurnish the homes of people whose lives have been left in shreds.

The appalling conditions people continue to live in, many in destroyed buildings with walls and sections of roofs missing, no electricity or water, are difficult to comprehend.

Aleppo destruction - SyriaDevastation in the city of Aleppo

The UK and others who have been involved in this war cannot wash their hands of the deplorable human suffering that it has created.  Achieving peace and reconciliation for the sake of all those affected must now be a priority. 

Looking ahead, we need to consider how we can help reconstruct the country’s vital infrastructure and economy, and rebuild people’s homes and livelihoods.  We must also help communities, families and individuals heal their wounds and create the conditions for a peaceful and stable future.

If you would like to support out work in Syria, you can donate to our Syria Appeal.