Campaigners make their voices heard at mass lobby on climate change

Campaigners from SCIAF descended on Westminster to demand political leaders do more to tackle the climate emergency.

Our 17-strong group were among around 12,000 people taking part in the event to directly lobby MPs and urge them to recognise the need for action on climate change.

Jim Berry speaking. 

We work in communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America where people are already losing their lives and livelihoods as a result of the changing climate.

The event, on Wednesday 26th June, provided an opportunity for constituents to discuss their concerns about climate change with MPs, and lobby them to urgently put in place policies to drastically reduce our carbon emissions.


Our group travelled by train to London from our homes in Scotland because we recognise the need to tackle the climate emergency, and we had productive conversations with around 20 Scottish MPs.

SCIAF campaigner Molly McGavigan said:

I joined twelve thousand climate change lobbyists to urge our government to enforce their target to reduce carbon emissions to net zero.

There was a small Scottish contingent and we were very pleased that so many of the Scottish MPs came out to the lobby to listen to our concerns that urgent and immediate action is necessary.

The most positive outcome possible from the day would be legally binding policies to achieve the government targets, especially on housing, transport and agriculture.


SCIAF campaigner Carol Clarke, from Hamilton, said:

I was delighted to take part in the climate change lobby. It gave us the opportunity to ask our MPs to take action on climate change.

My MP Angela Crawley met me and she was very supportive and eager to get involved as she knows there is no time to lose. It was great to see so many other MPs attend the lobby too.