A UN climate conference in Glasgow is an incredible opportunity

The President for the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP26) Claire Perry MP has confirmed that the next conference will be held in Glasgow in late 2020.

Commenting on the news, SCIAF’s Advocacy Manager Dr Geraldine Hill said:

“This is a great honour for Scotland and an incredible opportunity to demand the action on climate change we so desperately need.

“At SCIAF we see every day that climate change is driving people deeper into poverty. Many are struggling to survive. Increasingly severe floods, droughts and unpredictable weather are leaving millions of people short of food and water.

“The people of Scotland will have a huge part to play in ensuring world leaders take the action that is needed at the conference. But we will also ensure that the voices of our partners and others who live in countries facing a climatic catastrophe are heard.

“The fact that this conference is in Glasgow, one of the birthplaces of the industrial revolution, only underlines the fact that climate change has been driven by wealthy nations like our own, while those who have done the least to cause it suffer the most.

“It is the time for world’s leaders to live up to the promises they made in the Paris Agreement and commit to ambitious action to prevent a climate breakdown.”