Bringing the world to your classrooms

Staff and pupils from schools across Glasgow spent the last year learning about global inequality, injustice and the issues facing some of the poorest people in the world. Through learning and taking action, our young people have a crucial role to play in creating a brighter future for everyone.

Debbie Robertson, Principal Teacher of Religious Education at St Andrews, explains the impact that learning about SCIAF's work has in her classrooms.

Debbie teacher

I think it is vital for pupils to learn about development education - it encourages them to look outward beyond their own experiences. Learning about SCIAF’s work really helps pupils to realise the realities of poverty around the world. I’ve seen many pupils who weren’t aware of the issues facing those outwith their own communities, come to recognise what they have in their lives, become thankful, and realise importance of treating one another with dignity and respect.

One of the highlights for the pupils was having someone from SCIAF come and speak to them. They found great joy in hearing firsthand how their fundraising and prayers had benefitted the communities they were learning about. They found renewed purpose in continuing their efforts to help more communities in need.  

Working with SCIAF also provides opportunities for inspiration and action. The pupils witness what following in the footsteps of Christ looks like in the world today. This year, some of our S5 pupils took part in the sponsored 24-hour fast and our lower school pupils undertook a sponsored silence. In a new initiative this year, our Caritas pupils became SCIAF ambassadors and travelled to some of our feeder primary schools to teach them about SCIAF’s WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE appeal and to encourage them to become more involved in fundraising.


Josh (S1) learnt about the value of giving: 

 I now know where the money goes when I donate to SCIAF, and that it costs very little to help someone. I’d now like to work for a charity when I am older and, if I have money, to always think of others and give to those in need

Emma (S4) gives words of encouragement: 

I am now inspired to raise awareness of the great work that SCIAF does and how they can change someone’s future for the better. Learning through SCIAF has opened my eyes to the things that I may take for granted. I plan to always encourage others to donate to charity and raise awareness and hopefully organise my own events in the future.

Patrycja (S4) states: 

I've really learned a lot about the horrible situations many people find theselves in just because of where they live - like a lack of education or employment, and war. It taught me that you never know when these things can happen and that, as Christians, we should respond by helping others in any way we can.

We’re committed to our mandate from the Bishop’s Conference of Scotland to educate young people about global justice and international development. We provide resources linked to the Curriculum for Excellence. This is our Faith encourages pupils to put their faith into action through prayer, fundraising, campaigning and awareness raising.