Sylvia's story

When rebels stormed Sylvia’s village, she was abducted at gunpoint. The women who tried to flee were shot; those who refused to have sex were killed and fed to the pigs. Forced to become the ‘wife’ of a rebel commander, Sylvia witnessed horrific atrocities. She was held captive for four years - torn away from her husband, her young children, and her new-born who was only two months old.

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I was so afraid I couldn’t move. Others were carried away. Those who ran were shot... I saw so many people die, I don't even remember the number.


Finally, Sylvia escaped. It was dangerous to run, but thoughts of her family and seeing her youngest child gave her courage. Sylvia endured a difficult journey. She had hopes of a joyful reunion with her family, but those hopes were crushed.

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Her new-born and mother had died. Her husband didn’t want to be with her anymore because of what had happened. He had remarried.

When I remember what I have experienced I feel very bad. This life was the worst.

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The counselling helped very much. I still felt hurt, but not as badly as before. Whenever I hear SCIAF is visiting, I feel happy.


Please continue to help people like Sylvia.

Many more women need your help.

Many more women need your help.