Lisa's story

Lisa lives in a part of the DR Congo that is still very dangerous.

She was born into a poor family and never received an education. Lisa has albinism and suffers from other health disorders but she can rarely afford to go to the hospital to receive the treatment she needs.

Lisa hospital

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it's very dangerous for albinos. Lisa lives in fear of a gang of boys who look for people with albinism. The gangs kidnap and kill Albino people in order to sell their body parts. This gruesome trade is fuelled by superstition, as some people believe Albino body parts have magical powers.

I am discriminated against in the community. Many people don’t like to collaborate with me or help me.


Lisa was raped by a stranger when she was out working in a field. She was given treatment at the local hospital, but was quickly sent away because she had no money for medical bills. As a result of the attack, Lisa became pregnant and gave birth to a child named Jacob.

Through SCIAF, Lisa received psycho-social counselling that provided advice on parenting and how to deal with the emotional trauma of rape.

J10022 testimonial

This helped me face the challenges resulting from rape. I now know how to live with a child and care for my child...I love my son even though I don’t know his father.


You can reach out and support women like Lisa.

Your donation can provide urgent medical care, trauma counselling and help survivors to recover and rebuild their lives in the long term.

Many more women desperately need your help.

Many more women desperately need your help.