Angela's story

Angela was in a loving marriage and her husband had a well-paid job. Her young family had a bright future - until the night their home was attacked by rebels. Angela’s husband was shot dead, and she was raped by nine men in front of her children. 

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Angela is now HIV+ and she and her children are shunned in their community. She’s struggling to earn enough money to feed and clothe her children.

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They killed my husband and raped me. The rebels knew they were HIV+ but they still raped me. The children were asleep, but they woke them up to make them watch. They saw everything.


Angela is stigmatised in her community. She is never at peace. People talk about her and her children - the family have been traumatised and treated unfairly.

Other children say to them, ‘Your father was killed and your mother was raped. She is HIV+ so maybe you are too’.


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You can help women like Angela. SCIAF are dedicated to providing support to of thousands of women who have suffered sexual violence.

We aim to cease the suffering of those who face discrimination, shame, and fear in their community by providing trauma counselling, vital medical attention, and legal support.

For my future, I think only of my children and how they can grow and how I can continue with my business.


Hear their cry. Respond in love.

Hear their cry. Respond in love.