Condi's story

When Condi was just 16, a family friend – a 32 year old man - asked her to come to his home as he claimed he had money to pass on to her mother. He gave her a glass of Fanta laced with date-rape drugs. After Condi had been raped, she awoke, unaware of what had happened to her. He claimed she had been feeling unwell, and had let her lie down to recover.

Months later in school, she began to look pregnant, and the school told her to leave.

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I was in shock. I felt like I wanted to kill myself. I didn’t understand what had happened as I didn’t know any man.


She confided in the family friend who had taken her to his home. He admitted to having sex with her and said he would stand by her, but once she had been to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy, he told her to keep what had happened a secret.

Within the community, she was discriminated against, called a prostitute, and her mother was disappointed in her.

When Condi’s child, Gisele, turned 8 months old, she registered for cooking training. After she received her training, she got a job in the restaurant.

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Now I am working hard to change my life, to show the people that I am not a prostitute.


Now my girl is 3 years old. I dream of the best for her, but I’m still afraid. She is a girl and I’m afraid she may also be abused.


Please help women and girls of the DR Congo.

Please help women and girls of the DR Congo.