Joyce's story

Joyce’s childhood was poor.

She didn't receive an education. When Joyce married, her husband was also poor. They had no money, but life was peaceful.

They survived by keeping goats. The goats could provide them with milk, and manure which can be used as a fertilizer. By breeding goats and selling the offspring they could make a little money too.

Their life changed in an instant, when armed rebels attacked their village. They broke into Joyce's home where she, her husband and children were sleeping.

"It takes real courage to say this, but they raped me and my children were there. My son was ashamed so he shouted out. They killed him."


After attacking Joyce and killing her son, the rebels stole what little money she had, and her goats. 

In the following days and weeks, Joyce's husband began to turn against her. In DR Congo there is often a tremendous stigma around sexual violence.

J8489 testimonial

He said he didn’t like me anymore. He was there, he saw, but he discriminated against me. He abandoned me.

Joyce testimonial

I earn a little money and am able to send my children to school. I didn’t get to study but my children know how to read. Maybe if someone had helped my father, I could have studied too.


Hear their cry. Respond in love.

Hear their cry. Respond in love.