Julie's story

Julie got married very young and had a good life with her husband and five girls. They lived in the country, her husband farmed, and together they had plenty of food and money.

Julie was cooking beans in boiling water when rebels came to the house. They tied her husband up outside, raped Julie, and threw the pot of water over her. She now has burns on her legs, stomach, and private parts.

People came to the house and took her to the health centre supported by SCIAF's partners. From there, she was sent to hospital where she stayed for 4 years.

After she had been attacked, Julie’s husband changed completely. When she finally returned home, her husband had left her for another woman. He came to visit her in the hospital, but only to have sex. Julie fell pregnant.

He lives mainly with the other wife and they have six children. I still love him, but he does not love me. He only wants to have sex with me.


Julie cannot support herself or her children. She relies on charitable support from others in her parish.


My hope is to sell small things from my door, so I can buy the things I need, but everyone is poor and no-one can help me start.


Sexual violence must stop.

Sexual violence must stop.