Iris' story

Iris was 17 when a friend took her to a local radio station to meet a boy who was infatuated with her.

When she arrived at the radio station, Iris was given a drink of juice which had been laced with drugs. She became disorientated and lost consciousness. 

Iris awoke on the floor of the same room. She was in pain, and she knew something was wrong.

She spoke to the man her friend had brought her to meet. He freely admitted to drugging and raping her because she'd spurned his initial advances.

I was afraid. I was still feeling the affects of the drug. I was too ashamed to go home.


Iris's parents did not know where she was; they searched for two days and broadcast a missing person's message on the radio.


Still dazed from being drugged,  Iris's friend took her to a brothel full of boys drinking and smoking. Her friend gave her more juice and again, she lost consciousness.

 Her friend thought Iris might die from the spiked drinks, so she abandonded Iris in some bushes near her home. Eventually a taxi driver found her and drove her to hospital.

When they thought I would die, they left me in the bushes near my home and a taxi driver took me to hospital.


The friend who took Iris to the radio station was sentenced to five years for collusion, but she escaped from jail when she was released to sit her exams. 

A case is still open against the man who raped Iris at the radio station, but he has fled and it's unclear whether he'll face justice.