Making your WEE BOX donation

On this page you'll find everything you need to know about returning your WEE BOX, school or parish donation to SCIAF. 

Thank you once again for all your hard work in raising money for the WEE BOX BIG CHANGE appeal. We are extremely grateful for the support we receive year on year.

We know that with parishes and schools closed you may not be able to hand in your WEE BOX as you normally would. Don't worry, there are several quick and easy ways to get your WEE BOX donation to us which are listed below.  

By getting your donations to us before 20th May means it will be doubled by the UK government and will make twice the difference! What is more, the sooner we receive your gift, the sooner can put it into action.

Making your WEE BOX donation

1. Give online

Quick and easy, make your donation by clicking here. 

If you've been saving money in your WEE BOX, simply count up how much you've collected and donate that amount.

2. Donate by phone

Call 0141 354 5555 or 0141 354 5508 and make your donation by debit or credit card. We'll be ready to take your call Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

3. Post your donation

Place your donation in an envelope addressed FREEPOST SCIAF and it will reach us. You can also use our full postal address SCIAF, 7 West Nile Street, Glasow, G1 2PR.

Please include a small note with WEE BOX 2020 written on it so we know it's for this year's WEE BOX appeal.

Although our office is currently closed, your donation will still reach us. However we may not be able to confirm receipt and thank you for your gift until we reopen our office.

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