Concy's story

In Rwanda, losing parents at a young age can lead to years of fear, hunger and lost chances. 

Concy lost her parents to war and disease. When they died, Concy was still a child herself but it fell to her to look after her five brothers and sisters. She had no money to buy food. She couldn’t afford to send her siblings to school. And there were no adults left to help her.

Each day, the young family had to work together to make sure there was one meal on the table - just enough so as not to starve.

Concy's brothers and sisters sometimes had to beg for money. What little they earned they'd spend on soap to try to keep themselves clean.

Concy hut

If Concy's parents had survived, she wouldn't have had to take on the burden of providing for her family; she and her brothers and sisters would have received the education they deserved. 

Life may still have been hard, but it wouldn't have to be a daily struggle for survival.

For the Catholic Church, the family is the basic building block of society and the community in which we develop. If parents are killed, children lose their development space.

Bishop John Keenan