Finding light in the darkness

To many across the globe, this year has been overshadowed by sadness and bad news. 

Yet, we must remember the words of John the Apostle who said: “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Although day-by-day, life has been challenging, many have used the light of God to bring calm to communities here in Scotland and hope to people living in poverty across the globe. 

Here’s a round-up of some heart-warming actions taken by our wonderful supporters and partners over the last 12 months. ❤️

1. Walk with me

'Walk with Me' success

Well done to S6 pupils at St Margaret’s Academy and members of the TAPP Parish community of Livingstone and East Calder who took part in our 'Walk with Me' challenge. Together, they walked over 3,000 miles and raised a whopping £1400 for SCIAF. They made it to Bethlehem before Advent – incredible work! Check out their fundraiser today.

2. Festive Facemasks

SEW-cial distancing

Marion O’Hara, a parish volunteer at St Athanasius Carluke, made festive facemasks and generously used the proceeds to buy our Real Gifts. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for keeping our local communities safe and raising money for our global neighbors in need.

3. Water drop

Life-saving water drops

The Learning Wizards at Corpus Christi Primary School created fantastic ‘water drop’ projects to raise money for our Christmas Appeal. The money will buy life-saving water pumps for people living in poverty in Ethiopia. 

4. Peace prize

Two inspirational teenagers

Two teenagers who live on the border of Nepal, Arun and Rabina, have been working to combat child trafficking through SCIAF’s partners in India. They stopped child marriages, and helped rescue children who had been trafficked. Because of their heroic achievements, they were nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize – what an honour! We’ll leave you with a couple of quotes from the inspirational nominees themselves.

"A child, whether rich or poor, has the right to dream, to grow with their talents, to go to school and become successful in life."

Rabina, 14

"I have done this small thing in my community - what small thing to improve the lives of children in your communities can you do?"

Arun, 15

5. Bingo belles

Thank you to the Bingo Belles

A big round of applause for the Bingo Belles who gathered every Thursday to play a spot of online bingo and donate £10 to SCIAF. What a fun way to keep spirits up and do some good! 

6. Live music

Sing-along for SCIAF

During Lent, David McKendrick kindly agreed to livestream a gig from the comfort of his home. One Friday night, he entertained us all with sing-along classics and raised nearly £2000 for our #WEEBOX appeal. 

7. Visitors

A warm welcome to Glasgow

Before lockdown, we welcomed our wonderful partners from the DR Congo, Archbishop François Xavier Maroy of Bukavu and Thérèse Mema Mapenzi. Thanks for visiting us, and for the important work you do