Deadly fire rips through Rohingya refugee camp

On Monday 22 March, a devastating fire tore through Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, the world’s largest refugee camp, killing at least 15 people, injuring 580 people and leaving 45,000 people without shelter.

Homes, health care facilities and learning places for children were reduced to ash, and countless families were separated in the disruption that ensued. As many as 400 people are still missing.

Even before the latest tragedy, thousands of Rohingya refugees faced poor sanitation, major food shortages and the impact of the coronavirus crisis. The lives of many refugee families, who were already struggling to survive, has now become much, much harder.

Children, elderly people and those living with disabilities are at particular risk.

In 2017, you gave generously to support tens of thousands of vulnerable families with food and other essentials such as cooking utensils and blankets. Caritas Bangladesh, are continuing to support Rohingya refugees during this major disaster. Emergency workers are re-constructing latrines, bathing places and community kitchens, and providing access to clean drinking water.

Please keep our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh in your prayers.