Share the Journey

This coming weekend marks the closure of Caritas’ Share the Journey campaign which was created to highlight the difficulties faced by refugees and migrants internationally and to spread a message of hope and solidarity. The campaign was launched in 2017 by Pope Francis, at a time when the world’s forcibly displaced population was at an all time high, and has achieved widespread success.

Over the past four years, almost 130 initiatives have been carried out at all levels by more than 90 Caritas member organisations just like SCIAF. This global movement has strived to bring local communities closer together with migrants and refugees and has encouraged people everywhere to welcome our brothers and sisters with open arms and a warm embrace.

In 2018, SCIAF staff and supporters pledged over 1,200 kilometres towards Share the Journey’s Global Solidarity Walk, to show their support and to spread the message that those who are displaced are not alone. In the same year, in collaboration with Justice & Peace Scotland and photographer Simon Murphy, SCIAF hosted a photo exhibition in Glasgow for World Refugee Day. This exhibition highlighted the experiences of Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh following extreme violence in Myanmar. 


This week, we encourage you to take part in Share the Journey’s candle lighting campaign to light a candle of hope for refugees and migrants everywhere, in the lead up to World Refugee Day this Sunday 20th June. Today, Caritas Internationalis also hosted a press conference announcing the closing of Share the Journey, which discusses the highlights of the campaign and how we navigate moving forward in the current climate of the global pandemic.

Make sure to #LightACandle to show your solidarity with those who are forcibly displaced and share it with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

SCIAF continues to stand in solidarity with those who have been forcibly displaced and advocate for refugees and migrants in the work we do across the world.

Watch today's press conference now: 

Conclusione della Campagna di Caritas Internationalis “Share the Journey – Condividiamo il viaggio” - YouTube