Ethiopia Emergency Appeal

Today we launched an emergency appeal for Ethiopia, to provide humanitarian relief to the millions of people who have been displaced by a violent conflict in the Tigray region. While other charities have struggled to access this area, our partners in the region have helped us to reach those in the most remote places and provide food, shelter, clean water, medical support and other essentials.   

Northern Ethiopia is experiencing a devastating humanitarian crisis as a result of heavy fighting in the country’s Tigray region. Thousands of Ethiopians have been killed and more than two million people remain internally displaced. At least five and a half million people – more than the population of Scotland – require emergency food. Our sisters and brothers in Ethiopia are suffering, and they need your help.  

Pope Francis has called for an immediate end to the fighting in Tigray and reminds us to keep the people of Ethiopia in our hearts and prayers. 

I am particularly close to the people of Tigray, Ethiopia, affected by a serious humanitarian crisis. Let us pray together so that the violence ceases, food and health assistance is guaranteed to all, and social harmony is restored as soon as possible.

Ethiopia 2021

The UN stated earlier this month that 350,000 people, a tenth of whom are children, are facing hunger and death. This is a world apart from the country that our Director of Public Engagement, Penelope Blackwell, remembers from her trip to visit our programmes in 2019.  

“Two years ago, I was in Tigray. Back then it was peaceful and prosperous, and I was visiting SCIAF’s successful projects. But since November 2020, this region in Ethiopia has been engulfed in a conflict that has destroyed so much progress.  

“While many charities have struggled to access and start work in Tigray, SCIAF has been there since day one. We have worked in the region for decades alongside the Catholic Church. We can reach those in need, and are asking for donations to help us do this as quickly as possible.” 

The people of Tigray have lost their homes, families, and livelihoods due to this deadly conflict. With your support, we can continue to reach out with love and compassion to those who are suffering in Ethiopia. With your generous donations, we can continue to provide food, shelter, clean water and medical support to our sisters and brothers in their time of need. 

Please put your faith into action today and donate to our Ethiopia Emergency Appeal.